So I drew unicorns.

Magic moon unicorn.
 You know how fawns survive by having no odor and so being overlooked by predators, gnu kids by learning to run in three minutes, and muskoxes' calves by having big scary parents? Well unicorn's foals use neither of these methods. Instead, they are a pink so bright, and smell so strongly of raspberry, that any predator that approaches it too much gets blinded and smell-blinded for hours, sometimes even days.
By the way, the first few days after birth, their horn is not yet hard.
 This one is a badly-known subspecies of unicorns; some say they are now extinct, since the males tended to fight when in rut, and to stay locked together 'till they died of hunger (you can't remove a unicorn's horn without killing it); some say they are just well-hidden, as they're living in marshes, where there are very few humans, and are very smart (you have to be, with a horn like that, not to get hopelessly entangled in something every time you move your head).
 I know unicorns are supposed to be maiden's companions, and to be sweet and gentle, but how do you suppose the species survives ? There's got to be foals, and so there's got to be stallions.
And a unicorn's gotta piss too.
 That one is not a unicorn, just a sheep that got only one horn at birth. But it got bullied so much in its herd that it went to the unicorns. It's still bullied for being different, but going back home would only make it worse.
Unicorns rarely live in herds, but near sheeps or goats they tend to, in imitation.
And the sheep is not pink, it's a legitimate light brown.
 It's a sea unicorn. One-horned pinkish creature, right? Horn, check, pink, check; it's definitely a unicorn.
 Olden unicorn of maiden and deep woods.
I learnt if they say only a maiden can capture a unicorn, that's not because unicorns are sweet and gentle, but because opposites attract each other: the unicorn is a bloody powerful and violent beast. That's what makes it so hard to catch, too.
Anyway, this one went berserk on a pack of wolves. Gambles on who'll have the upper hand are on.

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