Cooperative Detective Game Character Designs

Here are several iterations of the characters for the Cooperative Detective Game I'm working on at the moment.

final versions:

non-final versions:

other characters:



Command work for a french trade union, highlighting undesirable work conditions and published during their electoral campaign.

BDs diffusées lors de la campagne électorale de la cgt d'edf.


more pixel art

a test on small movements and subtle weight shifting in pixel art

and more general pixel art



I'm currently working on a multiplayer game, Colambful, where you can change your own colour to hide in the background, and change other's to make them loose.
There is still plenty of work ahead if I'm to implement all of the planned features, but it's at a good enough state that I feel comfortable linking to it here, as I do need some feedback.
Have fun!



I just made a sketchfab page to put my 3D characters. It lets you turn around the 3D models and play different animations, so I recommend you go there for my 3D (there's just one model for now but I'll populate it soon).

Sketchfab quick tuto: left click-and-drag to turn around the models, right click-and-drag to move the models on a plane, and next to the play/pause symbol that appear when your mouse hovers over the 3D window, the drop-down menu with the down arrow lets you choose which animation to play.


animated logo ccsf

A short animated logo I made for Chacun Cherche Son Film (http://www.chacuncherchesonfilm.fr/), a french cinema website focusing on films d'auteur.

Logo designed by https://www.facebook.com/nahala.world/ , animated by me.