chimerae 2

Some lore about these:
They live near rivers. They don’t mind the cold as long as they’re able to dig a hole in the ice to fish. So no minus 20 degrees celsius for days. They swim super fast, eat fish, and can fold their fins when on the ground. Like other otters, they look evil when they’re walking.

The buh-llear are herbivores. They feed on herbs, fruits, roots, bark. They live in evergreen forests. They’re pretty solitary, and have precious few predators. Their horns and claws are used against rivals, predators when needed, and for foraging food. They climb trees. They run rather fast, and can get on their hind legs to see further away or look (even) more impressive.

The brats live in towns and mainly feed on garbage. Mostly nocturnal, they’re very adaptable and clever; they spread widely. They like high buildings and tend to sleep hanging from electric wires, which may be something of a security concern -though they learnt quickly not to gnaw at them. Despite their wings, their fingers are very agile, and they have successfully opened locks in laboratories. Highly sociable, they live in big colonies.

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